Your Macbook. Undercover.

COMPUtR™ Case is a sleek black snap-on case that disguises your MacBook as a stylish PC.

Fool everyone

Fool coffee shop thieves and Microsoft co-workers into thinking you have a generic PC.

Sleek Design

The stylish COMPUtR logo against the black matte background will make everyone wonder, “What type of hot new PC is that?”

Smart Details

The case has been carefully crafted so the Apple logo does not shine through.

Tough Defense

Hard-shell design protects the computer from scratches; ventilated bottom cover prevents overheating.

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How COMPUtR Case Was Born
A Tale of
Love, Loss
and Laughs

Deep in the heart of San Francisco’s Mission District, a woman held her shiny new PC with pride. Even though all of her friends had MacBooks, she wasn’t easily swayed by peer pressure. She used her computer to write stories; she wasn’t a developer or designer needing expensive high performance. The slow and steady PC seemed good enough. And the price was right.

One night she was working late with her friends in San Francisco’s South of Market district. They all decided to step out to pick up some dinner, leaving three MacBook Pros and her new HP behind for an hour in a new, gated condo on the 3rd floor. Upon their return, they discovered that someone had broken into the condo and stolen all of the MacBooks(!), leaving behind one lonely PC. Not even the thief found the PC worthy of theft.

After pondering this baffling scenario with a designer friend at a Mission coffee shop (PCs aren’t that undesirable are they?), the designer came up with a solution: A PC Mac cover! The perfect guise for a pricey Mac.

They laughed incessantly for hours at the absurdity of the idea. Make people think you don’t have a MacBook? That was just backwards.

Soon thereafter she came to realize that her experience was not uncommon. MacBooks were being stolen in coffee shops by the most unsuspecting people all the time. Maybe it wasn’t such a crazy idea after all.

And thus COMPUtR Case was born.

- Jessica Gomez, founder and proud new owner of a COMPUtR Case covered MacBook


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